Dear Botanic,

After trying every trick in the book - antihistamines, enzymes, and steroids - your formula actually worked!

After only a few days I was able to go and work in my garden - something I haven't been able to enjoy in at least 8 years!

Thank You. I'm going to tell all my friends about your wonderful product.

Grace C.

Stere Robinson – My allergies were so bad that I couldn’t work. I had sneezing, a runny nose, red and swollen eyes, coughing 
and wheezing. I couldn’t sleep at night. I tried many western medicines and none were able to help with my allergies. 
After taking Herba-Plus it was miraculous. I became like a normal person again. To start I took Herba-Plus twice a day.
After one week I only had to take it once a day. Now even during the pollen season I only have to take it twice a week.
Now I can live my life as if I never had allergies.

Gene A. Persall – My skin allergies were very severe. My whole body itched, especially around my waist. I saw allergy 
specialists who had me taking many different medications, but none of them were able to completely cure my skin 
condition. A Chinese doctor suggested I try Herba-Plus. After I started taking it my skin improved greatly. Even the
lesions where I had been itching for years began to heal. My energy has also improved and I feel great.